About Cactus TV Cozumel

Terry Sylvester interviewed by Pete Bennett,

on the Pete Bennett TV program.

Paul Petock an award winning videographer and photographer. Paul’s video work includes the Pete Bennett T V show, Pete was the worlds #1 promotions man. Overcoming differences and Tibet a Prayer for the Future with HH the Dalai Lama, Maxfield Parish, Biography of an American Master and In shadow and light. The struggle, a video featuring Cesar Chavez, produced in 1980. Paul has produced commercial photography for Warner Reprise Records, Scepter Records, Warners of Mexico, NIKE, American health and fitness, and many more.




Carlos Castillo assistant director and assistant editor at Cactus TV of Cozumel. Carlos was born in Mexico City and has been based in the beautiful Mayan Riviera since 2007. He lives in this area with his beautiful wife Jimena and his son Iyari who was born in the Mayan Riviera.
With many years in the hospitality industry, he is been exploring each corner of this exotic paradise. For three years Carlos has been developing his media skills under the direction of Paul Petock.

Renata Navarro was born in the City of Cancun and at the age of 3 moved to the Island of Cozumel. Renata has a background in singing, the theatre and martial arts. Renata has also worked a number of years on radio, her high school education was in Boca Raton FL, at the age of 20 she moved to Mexico City. There she worked at a modeling agency over seeing promotions for designer watches and perfume brands. Renata has return to the wonderful Island of Cozumel and it’s the cohost of MayaFun Tv.

Catalina Maldonado it’s MayaFun Tv Sports and Entertainment Host. Catalina has a degree in marketing from UNID. She was born in Cancun and now lives on the Island of Cozumel and has a background in modeling and athletics. Catalina has been working in the tourism and hospitality industry for nine years.